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Who Am I?


I'm Stacey Whitmore

What do I do?

I'm Stacey. I like fanny packs and eating cheetos. Some times I will fill my fanny pack full of Cheetos and go running at night for hours. They're an excellent source of carbo-hydrates and give me just the fuel I need to complete my run (I forgot to mention I work out a lot too). Incidentally, I just purchased a new keyboard from Apple. It's white and matches my monitor quite nicely. Just like the last one. I didn't even have the thing for a month and it turned orange on me. weird huh? So I called apple and I was like, "hey WTF fellas! I've only had this thing for a month and it changed colors on me. It doesn't even match my monitor anymore." So he asked me what I use my computer for and I said, "well primarily just for surfing the web. I get home from work, open a bag of cheetos and just start surfin' man. You know what I'm sayin'?" So he suggested to me that I cut down my cheeto intake and the problem would abate.......................... pfffftt......the nerve; I mean what does he know about cheetohs anyway? I bet he hasn't even tried the new flamin' hot cheetos yet..... I"m probably the smartest person i know when it comes to that kinda stuff. Anywho.. didn't mean to digress, but what more can I add 'about me' ? I guess you could say I have a phlegmatic personality but then again, what does an ear, nose and throat doctor know about personality assessment anyway? They certainly don't know anything about cheetos.

Where To Find Me?

If you are interested in having me design your web page, you can email me at .


You can also contact me by phone at (206)604-8996.


Or stop by my office.